The worldwide COVID-19 crisis has an unprecedented impact on our society and in particular on education. Because of COVID-19 schools also had to close their doors and physical lessons were suspended. The closure of schools created high pressure for Flemish teachers, who had to organize their classes online and try to reach their students online in a matter of days. A copy-paste from an offline lesson to an online lesson is not simply possible, since digital education requires a different approach than physical lessons.

Together with the School of Educational Studies (SES) of the UHasselt, d-teach online training wants to help as many teachers and educators as possible in their search for knowledge and support, to organize the best possible online education in this way. On February 23 a practical, yet academically grounded online workshop is organized, in which immediately applicable tips & tricks on online and interactive teaching will be shared. Below you can find the contents of this workshop, as well as the speakers:

  1. What forms of distance learning are there, and how do you make a choice with an eye to didactics?
    (Lieselot Declercq)
  1. How do you build an online lesson and how can you engage and motivate your students?
    (Maaike Grammens)
  1. How do you get more out of PowerPoint to shape your online class or course?
    (Joke Hollants)

You can register via this link. See you then?!

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