Over the past few months, we have been busy behind the scenes. In secret, we have been very busy with our own academy. In September, we will be launching an online course on ‘digital didactics’ and ‘instructional design’.

We would like to get you warmed up already with free and in-depth webinars! Below you can find the offer for June:

  • Scan the digital capital of your school with Tom Sleeuwaert of Schoolmakers
  • Smart Education @ School | Getting started with educational technology in secondary education with Juliet Desmet of imec
  • Create better online videos in 9 easy steps with in-house colleague Eveline Lemahieu
  • Online evaluation with d-teach colleagues Manon Talpe and Scarlet Coopman
  • Supervising online exams through assessmentQ with Johannes Verhoene of Televic
  • Getting started with DigiCompEdu with Katrien Bernaerts from Toll-net
  • Online connection with d-teach colleagues Steffi De Cock and Maaike Grammens
  • Introduction to AR | What forms exist and how to get started quickly with Kim Dekeyser from Itec
  • Getting started with DigiCompEdu in higher education with Katrien Bernaerts of Toll-net

Are you looking for a subject that we do not offer at the moment? Be sure to contact us because we are constantly expanding our offer!