The Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering organizes annual pedagogical study days for the Social Orientation teachers. The Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering, meanwhile, because of the corona crisis, switched to distance teaching. Among teachers, therefore, most learning needs revolve around the digitalization of the learning offer. The Agentschap Integratie & Inburgering wantstherefore also organize the pedagogical study days for teachers online. And not only in form, but also in content d-teach focused during the online event: typical features, pitfalls and useful tips & tricks in online teaching.

d-teach online training was engaged to provide strategic advice on the transformation from offline to online training. In addition, d-teach was also present at the pedagogical study days with a series of practical workshops, so that all teachers could get started with many tips and tools!

“The workshops/webinarshave been received very positively! Especially because of the setup from the taxonomy of Bloom and the many tothe point examples of work formats and tools, this is a capstone on which we will continue to build our framework of digital didactics.(Ester De Hauwere)

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