Training and expertise center Vonk strengthens local administrations through training, selection, coaching, team supervision, mediation and consulting. So far, that support is mostly done face-to-face. From now on, Vonk also wants to strategically commit to online education. So Vonk looked for a partner who is completely at home in online learning to give a webinar on distance learning.

Based on the d-teach principle of train-the-trainer d-teach developed workshops in online didactics and educational tools that the trainers can use immediately afterwards. During the workshops  d-teach worked as much as possible with material from Vonk in order to create a first, immediately usable product (lesson plan synchronous online teaching).

“I would like to compliment you on the summit you organized last week. You managed to find interesting topics for it, both for higher education and adult education.” (Kim Liveyns / VONK)

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