The impact of the corona crisis on education is enormous. Fortunately, distance learning can offer a great deal of counterbalance. However, teaching online requires a different approach than teaching in the classroom. Private players such as the virtual school d-teach take their social responsibility and are happy to share their expertise. D-Teach always puts the teachers first: if they have the right skills, they can share their passion for teaching online just as well as in the classroom.

D-Teach stands for Distance Teaching. d-teach has been offering online learning for children and young people in primary and secondary education since 2012. The students are currently mainly Flemish youngsters abroad who want to (re-)integrate into local Flemish or foreign education. This way, d-teach forms a bridge between education abroad and Flanders.

To make the learning experience as attractive and effective as possible, d-teach uses the principle of online blended learning: a combination of both synchronous learning (virtual interactive classroom with whiteboard) and asynchronous learning (electronic learning environment, videos, online games, forums, etc.).

Founder Lieselot Declercq

“Our online teachers are all certified teachers from Flemish education; they receive intensive e-coaching training on top of this. This way, they can deal with the technological, pedagogical and didactic principles of blended learning.”

d-teach currently works with a multidisciplinary team of 35 online teachers including teachers from pre-school, primary and secondary education as well as educational pedagogues, speech therapists and psychologists. As a pioneer in virtual learning, d-teach has built up a great deal of expertise. For years d-teach has been working together with other virtual schools, for example in Australia, and with local universities. Besides a good online infrastructure, having teachers with online skills is an important recurring factor in making distance learning a success.

Researcher Maaike Grammens

“That is why d-teach is currently developing an online pedagogical model with the innovation support of VLAIO. In collaboration with UGent, I am doing doctoral research to develop a training course for synchronous online teachers, which is unique in Flanders and even in the world!”

This unique model comes in handy in this corona crisis, because d-teach firmly believes in the power and training of the teacher to ensure the quality of education, even in the most difficult crisis situations. d-teach is happy to share its expertise in a community of teachers who want to learn didactic tips for online teaching.

Founder Lieselot Declercq

“Interaction is key in online teaching, otherwise youngsters will drop out and people will say that online learning doesn’t work. We want to prevent this, by giving each other a helping hand, putting everyone’s safety first by teaching at home, and creating a community of motivated online teachers.”

Anyone interested can join the Facebook group of d-teach ‘Distance Teaching Tips‘.
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