On Thursday, September 17, and Friday, September 18, d-teach hosted its first virtual summit. Just before the start of the new academic year, d-teach wanted to give teachers and academics a boost by providing them with tips & tricks for distance learning through a virtual summit. In addition, d-teach also wanted to inspire people by having experts speak and sharing good practices.

The virtual summit was a fine mix of internal and external speakers, each with their expertise from different universities and colleges in Flanders. In addition, d-teach provided a program that responded to the digital needs on micro, meso and macro level, so no one was left hungry.

The virtual summit was a success, because we were able to count more than 300 participants, not only from higher education, but also from secondary education, education providers (umbrella organizations), and other educational organizations! Many thanks to the speakers and participants for their enthusiasm!


More info?
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