More than 10 years experience in online learning

The origins of d-teach can be traced back to the initiative of founders Lieselot Declercq and Annabel Declercq in 2012 as student-entrepreneurs in pedagogical sciences at Ghent University. Distance teaching is what d-teach stands for. D-teach consists of d-teach online school and d-teach online training.

d-teach online school

d-teach online school

D-teach online schoolis an international not-for-profit organisation and the first online school in Belgium with almost 10 years of experience in online teaching. As a bridge organisation between Belgium and the world, smooth internationalisation and reintegration are paramount. Personalised online learning that is as fast, flexible, international and multicultural as the world we live in is the objective. With a qualified top team of online educators, teachers and speech therapists, d-teach provides tailor-made online lessons to children, adolescents and adults every day, at home and especially abroad.

d-teach online training

d-teach online training

Based on those years of practical experience and the cooperation with the international academic world, d-teach has grown into a knowledge and expertise centre in online, blended and hybrid learning. In this way, d-teach helps organisations to make the transition from offline to online learning. D-teach does this by providing online training courses, developing online courses and providing advice on distance learning and online training. The focus is always on online didactics and interactive & motivating online learning. Also d-teach online training is a 100% online organisation. We therefore have no physical borders and are happy to take part in international projects.

Interested in our cases?

D-teach online training successfully helped numerous companies and organisations to make the transition from offline to online learning.

Our values

Mission and vision

We work on a tailor-made basis

We work in very different contexts and with very different target groups (entry level, digital skills, learning pace and culture, etc.). One constant factor: people. We always start with specific questions and expectations of your company or organisation and of your people. In a co-creative process, we put together the perfect puzzle, with a variety of methods and tools, and especially with the variety of profiles in our d-teach team, from instructional designers, didactic experts, learning experience designers to graphic designers and copywriters.

We are future-proof

We do not only teach others to be eager to learn, we are also eager to learn ourselves. We keep a finger on the pulse of the latest learning methods and learning technologies. For example, we have been participating in international research projects for years and we have our own doctoral researcher. The d-teach team is also deliberately multidisciplinary. This allows us to have and retain far-reaching expertise in both didacticsand technology.

We are hands-on

We start from the latest learning technologies and the most recent academic research and translate this into concrete tips and tricks, practical train-the-trainers and concrete development projects. We don’t like fluffy, and prefer a goal-orientated approach.

We are international

We believe very strongly in the principle of ‘Practice what you preach’ and therefore work 100% online. D-teach has no physical boundaries. We have an international and intercultural mindset and are involved in many international projects and research.