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How can we help you?


Online learning is just as engaging and motivating as offline learning. You just need to use the right online didactics and educational tools. At d-teach we love to teach you how to do that in order that your company or organization can start training people online themselves. During our train-the-trainer sessions, we work with materials from your company or organization. This way, you can immediately create a first usable product like an online learning path or lesson plan.

  • Expert in online didactics
  • Tailored to your company or organization
  • Getting started with your own materials
  • Interactive and motivating

At d-teach we like to share our expertise. Based on the train-the-trainer principle, we show companies and organizations how they can train people online themselves in an interactive and motivating way.


Online learning makes the lifelong learning of your people a lot easier. But simply introducing online learning is not such a good idea. If you really want to get a return from online learning and ensure that your people keep learning with motivation, then you’d better approach it strategically. D-teach helps you to develop and implement a well-thought-out strategy. Afterwards, we remain your sounding board.

  • Online learning as a stepping stone to lifelong learning
  • Underpinned by years of expertise
  • Tailored to your company or organization
  • E-learning doctor

It is no small step for a company or organization to make the switch from offline to blended or online learning. We are happy to assist you in making that step in a well-considered and successful way.


As a company or organization, you cannot have all the knowledge in-house. Would you rather leave the online learning offerings to us? No problem at all. We use our expertise in instructional design to create successful online modules and courses. Tailor-made for your company or organisation, from the first to the last step, developed with care.

  • Instructional design
  • From one module to an entire online course
  • Well-considered
  • Tailored to your company or organization

Are you ready to switch to online learning? d-teach helps you design and develop successful online modules, courses and learning experiences.

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