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It was indeed a deep dive. Not for beginners. Joke discovered a few new buttons, but above all she got a lot of inspiration to make our PowerPoint training courses of d-teach online training even better.

Find out below Joke’s top 5 take aways from the conference!

  1. The added value of 365. There is no doubt that the latest 365 version of PowerPoint is a must-have. There are so many new features compared to older versions that it’s really worth upgrading. Especially in terms of figures, there are far more possibilities in PowerPoint 365 than ever before.
  2. It’s morphin(g) time. Already a regular d-teach PowerPoint hack, but the new morphing transition in PowerPoint belongs in every best-off. The transition that allows you to animate an entire slide in one click also made a lot of mouths drop open during the conference. The ease, simplicity, but especially the unlimited possibilities and the wow effect make this transition a life changer. Never heard of it? Try it!
  3. It’s show time. D-teach likes its slides clean, but sometimes it can be a bit more. Looking for a Hollywood effect, but with the necessary finesse and tightness? Then do something more with (stock) videos in PowerPoint. By using the “merge shapes” feature, you can create masks. We already knew that, didn’t we? But you can also layer those masks over videos to achieve a real wow effect. This is a tip we’ll definitely bring to the d-teach training course ‘Chasing Picasso. Graphic design in and with PowerPoint’.
  4. Pimp a graphic for a change. Joke’s personal aha moment from the conference. Even a graph doesn’t have to be boring in PowerPoint anymore. You can shape all graphs and data points just by “copy-pasting. For example, you copy an icon, you select your data point, and you paste your icon over the data point. The icon is now embedded in the graph, and will adjust as you change the graph. Ingenious!
  5. The BrightSlide add-in. As a PowerPoint reference, the company BrightCarbon was of course not to be missed at this conference. They showed a lot of great stuff, but perhaps their greatest accomplishment is the free (!) BrightSlide add-in. This add-in contains features you’ve always dreamed of, and simply makes working in PowerPoint even faster and more fun. Highly recommended for value-added seekers!

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More PowerPoint tips & tricks?

d-teach online training believes in getting the most out of simple tools and is happy to share its expertise and passion during its training courses. We can provide PowerPoint training at all levels and on a customised basis.

Contact me at joke.hollants@d-teach.com.
See you soon!

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