e-Learning Design Lab

Are you a trainer or L&D professional? Does your company or organisation want to take the first steps in e-learning? Do you want to be able to design interactive online learning journeys from analysis to implementation?

Our 8-week training programme consists of several interactive and participatory building blocks. On a weekly basis, content is unlocked providing you with the necessary concepts, methods and tools to approach your own e-learning project idea. The course is 100% online and an international collaboration between d-teach online training and ITCILO (International Training Center of the International Labor Organization of the United Nations).

Beside the modular asynchronous content, you get access to an individualized coaching system. Through project-based coaching, you’ll be able to tackle the most pressing issues regarding your personal project. The course offers options for synchronous debate, discussions and exchange of expertise through targeted online webinars, thus providing an optional opportunity for learning, engaging with different experts and online social networking.