5 takeaways for a qualitative & sustainable knowledge clip.

Knowledge clips are popular these days. But what do you have to think about when you want to make your own knowledge clip? We share 5 takeaways for a qualitative & sustainable knowledge clip.

  1. Ask yourself what the purpose and added value of the video/knowledge clip is for your learners. Quality is more important than quantity!
  2. Make arrangements with colleagues regarding the theme, the content, the material & tool that will be used. This way, the workload can be distributed efficiently, and no one has the feeling of bearing the heavy load. Stronger together, right?
  3. Long videos don’t work. Limit yourself to short videos of 1 to 3 minutes, so that your learners can stay focused during the whole video. Link a learning activity to the video (a research exercise, an assimilation task, a quiz, etc.) so that your learners actively engage with the content of the video!
  4. Make the content of a video available in another way (e.g. PPT, document, …) so that the learners can watch the video and quickly check something afterwards.
  5. If you make some good clips/knowledge clips in advance, you can also use them later in your regular lessons or training sessions! Isn’t that handy and sustainable?